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Clint Wastling, Catherine Scott and John Fewings are members of the successful group, Argy Bargy Poets. So called because their first performance was on The Syntan Barge as  part of Beverley Literature Festival. They've gone on to perform at various venues since.


Catherine Scott has been described as "Hull's answer to Pam Ayres" - but is a much edgier poet.  She writes down-to-earth, no-nonsense, non-flowery poetry that everyone can understand.   

Clint Wastling is a published author with a novel -- The Geology of Desire and more than 100 short stories to his name. Oft derided within the group for his love of geology, his reflective poetry covers a wide range of topics.  (It's not all about ammonites!)   He's had poetry published in the UK, USA and The Irish Republic.

John Fewings has been described as "a literary scamp" whose poems "glow with energy like a Beryl Cook painting".  His poems will often lull you into a false sense of security then surprise you with a sting in their tails. 


 My short stories are still available in the following anthologies:


Sunflowers: Still Life with Wine & Cheese from Stairwell Books

Moon's Child: Pressed by Unseen Feet from Stairwell Books



The Science Fiction story: Oilfields of Titan is in CONTACT: Stories of the New World.



Biographical Details:

Clint is a long standing member of York Writers and previous chairman. Information about the group can be found:

 York Writers

Clint is also a regular at  The Spoken Word

Subtle Flame in Beverley who meet on the first Thursday of each month.

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