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Tyrants Rex is a spellbinding, intelligent fantasy novel. The story is told through the eyes of Mycul Zas, a young man, betrayed by his uncle and sold to geneticists.   It has a gripping storyline and larger than life characters.  Mycul teams up with a one handed assassin, an exiled prince, a scientist with a murky past, a drunken giant, a necromancer?s daughter and of course the genetically engineered mordonts (originally humans) modified over many years to become great warriors. Together they strive to overthrow a tyrannical rĂ©gime and find a place for themselves on this future Earth.









The Geology of Desire is available through Stairwell Books.                                                                                                           Set on the Yorkshire coast at locations between Whitby and Hull, The Geology of Desire explores what happens when everything a young man believes is turned upside down. The story opens at Whitby Abbey where the protagonist witnesses his ex-girlfriend being pushed over the cliff by a policeman who has been a family friend for many years. The novel cleverly layers the young man?s life, his family, time, his sexuality along with the layers of geology along this fascinating piece of Britain?s coastline. Events that took place in wartime are played out in the early 1960s. We follow an undergraduate geologist trying to complete his dissertation on a justly famous coastline that helped redefine humanity?s lengthy history, as he fights to stay alive while trying to understand himself, his family, friends, and what led to murder by an ancient ruined abbey.


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